About Addie

080713  Addie                               Australian Shepherd
        Liz Strauss                         Needham , MA

Points: 50,042    Multibreed points: 18,001  

Titles: FD=2008-08-02       FDX=2008-08-30      FDCH=2008-10-04     FDCH-S=2008-11-08   
        FDCH-G=2009-04-04   FM=2009-09-05       FMX=2010-09-12      FMCH=2011-07-30     
        MBD=2011-09-03      MBDCH=2011-09-03    MBDX=2011-09-03     MBDCH-S=2011-10-07  
        MBDCH-G=2012-02-11  ONYX=2012-04-14     MBM=2012-08-11      MBMX=2013-05-18     
        FGDCH=2013-08-03    MBMCH=2014-09-20    FG40K=2015-04-11    IRONDOG=2016-11-05  

Addie was a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd who in her younger days ran 4.9 to 5.1 seconds in the pack and 4.4 to 4.6 seconds at start. She could run in any position, and like many Aussies she loved to bark as she came to the box. More than anything, Addie loved to run and jump; to see her coursing through the woods was almost breathtaking. Just don't sneeze around her! She was also a Mighty Hunter, and considered it her mission in life to rid the surroundings of squirrels, chipmunks, voles, and mice (her raw diet supplement included at least 2 squirrels, 2 chipmunks, a small possum, and 3 voles). In 2018, Addie became the top-pointed Australian Shepherd in NAFA® Region 13.

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Addie at Survivor Seekonk 2014 Addie at BARKaritaville 2016 Addie at BARKaritaville 2016